MTB Strength Training Systems

Loads of people have been asking me over the last few months what I’ve been doing to develop my strength and overall speed on the trails – so I thought it’s high time I shared the love for those of you who haven’t already seen.

James Wilson’s MTB Strength Training Systems is without a doubt one of the most important discoveries I’ve made over the last few years – not only am I physically stronger and able to manhandle my bike much better (seriously important in the case of a 30lb 6″ travel AM rig when blasting Enduro races and terrorising DH riders on their 10″ travel bikes!!), but I have also found my point to point speed is greater, fatigue is lower and even my balance has improved.

James has trained absolutely loads of top end racers – but it’s not just the competitive riders that will benefit – anyone looking to get stronger and faster, and so enjoy their riding more can benefit. Here’s what a certain Aaron Gwin had to say about James’ work with him:

“The innovative programs that James Wilson provided for me during the 3 years we worked together played a big role in my rapid success at the highest levels of downhill racing.
Any rider who wants to get the most out of their abilities should invest in a program from James – it will definitely help you ride faster and with more confidence.”

And no before anyone asks – James hasn’t paid me to write this! I genuinely just believe people should be looking into this!!

James Wilson - MTB Strength Training Systems

Check out the MTB Strength Training Systems website here:

The Facebook page is here:

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