Fort William – this place demands respect!

Well what can I say?! The bar has been well and truly raised as far as MTB trips go – we’ve just enjoyed 4 amazing days in Scotland with incredible weather (blazing hot sun in Scotland – I know, wierd!!!), insane riding and an awesome hotel with pool, sauna and hot tub, not to mention a badass restaurant.

You kinda get spoiled on a trip like this – 2 UCI World Cup courses to hammer (one black graded DH, one XC but really more AM) plus a bunch of other kicking red graded runs, then at the end of the day, you take your raggedy, dusty, battered and most likely bruised and bleeding body back to recover in the sauna before having a swim and then a 3 course meal with beers.

I managed to bin it hard on the much feared and demanding-of-respect UCI World Cup black DH run, in one of those stupid “one more run” scenarios that almost always end in tears – I was due a front brake pad change, but in my rush to make the last ski lift, didn’t bother. As a result, just when I needed to use the front brake to toe the bike in for a tight turn in before a big rock drop, I found myself sorely lacking in braking power and rag dolling down the rocks and sliding/somersaulting for a fair old bit. Suffice to say that in a battle between 50 million year old granite and 35 year old skin, granite won!

Skin vs Granite....... Skin lost

We’ve got loads of awesome video footage to post over the next few days so keep an eye out for it all.

In the meantime, thanks to the following:

Rich, Paul, Clive, Johnny, Adam, Neil and James for some brilliant rides, hilarious moments and great company.

Ian and all the staff at Milton House Hotel for the most amazing accommodation (see if you want a top notch place to stay at sensible prices!)

The weather gods for some uncharacteristic weather more akin to Spain than Scotland

More thoughts, pictures, videos and memories from an amazing trip to follow…………………

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