MTB World Games – 1 week to go!

So the countdown begins in earnest………

A week to go, the scrapes, bruises and strains from Fort William are just about all gone and I’m feeling strong, positive and ready for this. A quick glance at the World Games site sees 390 riders on the start list for the Marathon category and there’s one other British rider on the start list. This is going to be big!!

Preparation has been good – physically, mentally and in just about every aspect, I’m feeling good and ready. It’s now just a case of dealing with 42k at altitude with 1980m of vertical climb, surrounded by almost 400 of the world’s finest mountain bikers. The game plan is to keep pace on the climbs as best as possible, then make up as many spaces as possible on the descents and technical spots, traditionally somewhere I do better, especially compared to Euro riders.

Bike setup is going to be pretty much the same as usual but run slightly stiffer and most likely making use of the Pro Pedal on the rear, but other than that, not a huge amount different to usual as I know what I like and what works for me.

Watch out over the Bank Holiday weekend – I’ll be putting together a little video showing my bike setup, what I’m changing and a bit more about the World Games!

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