Forest of Dean – new DH Trail “The Good The Bad & The Ugly”

I was well pleased to see this video just a few minutes ago – caught on camera by my friends at The Downhill Collective, a South West UK DH team and great bunch of guys.

Not so long ago I was up at the Forest of Dean helping build this very trail – really satisfying to see it in action for sure!

The motorway section at the top is FAST with a couple of decent jumps and step downs in it, then the big drop to the left is there to catch people out. Helmet cam doesn’t really do it justice, it’s pretty huge and needs checking out first hand.

That big sweeping right hand berm really is BIG – I remember on the build day, I think it’s something like 8-10 logs high. Proper huge, g-out the suspension and pin it style……..

So without further ado, here’s the DTV guys on what has already become a pretty revered section of trail – and it’s only just opened!

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