Timed runs against the mighty Fabien Barel? Who wants it?!?

Well after last weekend’s madness at the Mondraker Gravity Rally put on by the awesome Shred Magazine, I was well pleased to see this new feature appear online.

MBR Magazine have a regular feature aimed at Enduro style riders, where a top rider goes to a well known gravity hotspot that’s doable on an Enduro setup (typically these are old DH tracks), times themselves and then there’s a leaderboard where you can get involved and compare yourself. I love the concept – it’s great to benchmark, and a bit of fun too!

This time, they have pulled it right out and got the legendary Fabien Barel onboard, at one of my local hotspots, the Forest of Dean. From the video it looks like Fabien’s posting up times on the Corkscrew – and yes, he is FLYING in this film! Some very different line choices to anything I have ever seen before, and a ton of speed carried through as well.

Check out the film and keep an eye out for this feature appearing soon – can’t wait!

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