Gravity Enduro European/World Series – WITHOUT THE UCI???????????


Lots of things happening in the world of Enduro right now – for me, the most exciting thing would be the top organisers in each country joining forces to create a proper global Enduro championships. We know the UCI were interested, then it all fell out of bed and around the same time, Chris Ball resigned.

Rumours flew everywhere that Enrico Guala of SuperEnduro might have something up his sleeve, and just after Finale Ligure (final round of the SuperEnduro series), videos started to circulate with Enrico hinting at something bigger, plenty of the world’s top riders seemed behind Enrico heading something up too, but it didn’t go beyond rumour.

Then an audio interview with Chris Ball came out where he talked about his resignation from the UCI, the frustrations he’d felt within the organisation and again hints that he too had been talking to various people.

Today, social media might just have provided the solid proof that something IS happening for 2013. A Facebook post from Steve Parr, organiser of the UK Gravity Enduro Series (who just happened to have gone out to SuperEnduro at Finale Ligure) seems to confirm that there WILL indeed be a global or at least European championships for 2013:

Steve Parr’s post seemingly confirming a breakaway non-UCI world/European Enduro championships

Doubtless the UCI will be annoyed at having yet again dropped the ball and missed out – but realistically, did they ever have a handle on the format and would they have understood the intricacies of a discipline that has so many variations?

If 2012 was the watershed for our discipline, then it looks like 2013 is the year it really takes off……….

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