Fabien Barel and Mondraker part company!


The rumours were out there that massive changes were underway, and I have to be honest, I doubted this was going to be the breaking news we’d see tonight, but it is now official – Fabien Barel and Mondraker are parting company!

End of an era: Fabien and Mondraker

As reported by the awesome Enduro MTB Magazine, Fabien and Mondraker are going their seperate ways for 2013, after what has been an incredibly successful and exciting partnership. It looks like it’s all on good terms, and both Mondraker and Fabien have great words to say about each other (unlike another high profile team change of late!).

Hugely exciting times for our sport – so does this complete the circle as rumoured the other week, will we see Fab going to Canyon?!?!

See the full article here at Enduro MTB Magazine

Fabien’s contribution at Mondraker has been incredible – he’s been core to the development of some stunning bikes including the Summum and more recently, the controversial but amazing to ride Forward Geometry concept. What is next for this fantastic ambassador for our sport is anyone’s guess – but you can be sure that he will be giving it 110% as always!

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