Brilliant video interview with WTB/Cannondale’s Mark Weir

Here’s a fantastic video interview with none other than the legendary Mark Weir!

Owner of (actually do you ever “own” a beard?!?!) the best facial hair in mountain biking (you can see his crazy handlebar moustaches, vagrant beards and Friar Tuck haircuts all over the net), self professed redneck and all round good guy, Mark talks about the WTB team, climbing a million feet in a year and riding 1500 miles in January as a “decent” training month, as well as mentoring Ben Cruz, developing the team and how he feels about being titled “The Godfather of All Mountain”.

Of course, Mark being who he is, the interview is also full of strong opinion (that’s a refreshing thing in these days of media trained pros!), controversial statements and the kind of straight talking you’d expect from someone who clearly knows where he stands in life.

Great viewing, some hilarious moments, but probably not safe for work (or in front of the kids!) in some places!

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