VIDEO INTERVIEW – Barel vs Tippie

Here’s a fantastic video with the ever cheerful, ever interesting to watch Fabien Barel – this is a bit of a special one as the interview is done by none other than freeride legend Brett Tippie, so as you’d expect, it’s pretty damn funny at times!

Fab talks all about his move to Canyon, the R&D and development work he does, plus the training and physical work he’s done in preparation for the Enduro World Series – and he’s looking dangerous for the series for sure, having taken the win at the Riva del Garda enduro race, some 8 seconds ahead of fellow Frenchman Jerome Clementz.

Fabien’s not as young as he once was, but his determination, legendary professionalism and approach to training, and his intrinsic understanding of how to extract maximum speed from every metre of track mean he’s a serious danger man for the series!

Check the video – and make sure you watch right to the very end…….!!

Tippie vs Barel interview

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