Enduro World Series – official round 2 video!

Well it’s been another action packed Enduro World Series round! Another round, another country, another twist on the Enduro format, this time French style with single pass practice so almost blind stages, and chairlift assistance, not to mention big, big altitude!

By the end of the season, with the mix of countries, formats, styles and conditions, the Enduro World Series will have decided who is the genuinely best all round mountain biker on the planet – some courses are more technical, some more physical, some ridden blind so dependent on trail reading, some practiced so favouring the tactical and clinical racers. Enduro is the only discipline able to test every rider to their limit on a range of courses, terrains and conditions to find the ultimate rider – and already it’s shaping up to be a wide open competition! Will a downhill world champ take it? Or will it be a 4X champion? Or an Enduro specialist? Who knows – it’s wide open!!!

From grassroots racers through to legends of the sport, the beauty of the discipline is that everyone faces the exact same race – nothing is sacred, anyone could beat anyone. This is racing in it’s purest form!

Enjoy the video……

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