Antur Stiniog – GoPro footage

After a mental 3 weeks in a row of racing, I’ve finally managed to get this little edit sorted! We took a roadtrip to the awesome Antur Stiniog bike park in North Wales a few weeks back – this is a brand new centre, built in and around an old slate mine – it’s got some seriously fast and gnarly tracks, all capable of wrecking bikes and bodies thanks to the high speeds and extremely sharp rocks up there! I pretty much ruined a Maxxis sidewall in a day, and my mate Ross found out the hard way about the “one more run” superstition, trashing a rear mech, hanger and wheel on the final blast of the day!! As you’ll see from the footage, we took the weather with us – it was more like the Alps than North Wales, with a blazing hot day, beautiful sunshine and dry, dusty trails.

This was the first uplift day I did on the new bike – and it proved to be a fantastic shakedown, helping me get reach, pressure and damping settings all absolutely dialled.

The bike I’m on in this video is my Bionicon Alva 180 Air team bike, spec’d out with full X0 1×10, Maxxis rear tyre, On One front, and custom built Superstar Sentinel/Tesla wheels. Everything’s running superslick and I’m well impressed at just how hard a 29lb bike can be ridden on a proper manly DH track!

Check out the Alva range here:

Enjoy the video – can’t wait to get back up there again!

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