Kicking 2015 back off!!

Well it’s been a bit of a quiet time on the blog side of things – new baby girl took over life but I’m now back training for the Enduro 1 series, putting finishing touches to my new bike spec (so excited!!) and starting to find my race head again.

Just seen this amazing website, by none other than Charlie Kelly – one of the original Repack riders and pioneer of Mountain Biking.


It’s full of incredible stories, insights, pictures and anecdotes – but what really struck me was the crazy concept of things going full circle!


Back in 1977 (the year I was born!), they did their first “Enduro” event – riding a big loop, then being timed on descents. Sound familiar? How about when you look at the bikes they were building around and just after this time – slack geometry, finding the sweet spot between low weight an durability, single ring and single shifter, wide bars and droppable seatposts. Amazing.

Have a full read here:




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