Gearbest’s snappily titled Amkov AMK5000 camera is the latest in the new wave of action cameras coming out of the Far East and despite its low price tag, is pitching itself very much at the performance end of the market. With full 1080P/30FPS and 720P/60FPS recording, GoPro accessory compatibility and control via smartphone app, it’s certainly feature packed.

Very familiar form format and operation – if you know how to operate a GoPro, the AMK5000 will be second nature.

In use, the app is great for ensuring that the camera is positioned well to get the very best footage – but the fact that you can’t control all features directly from the camera can be a pain at times, especially if your phone is already in use for Strava or similar, adding to battery demand.

Both images and video are sharp and crisp – colour isn’t quite as well defined as GoPro’s latest offerings, but given most riders will be using it in muddy UK woodland, that’s not as much of an issue as you might think. A 16Gb SD card will give you approximately 3 hours’ recording time at 720P/30FPS.

Full set of accessories in the box! Can't say fairer than that!
Full set of accessories in the box! Can’t say fairer than that!

Being compatible with GoPro accessories means that as well as the full set of mounts and attachments in the box, you have plenty of options for alternative mounting either on the bike or yourself.

Easy control, edit and upload via the app for Android & iPhone.
Easy control, edit and upload via the app for Android & iPhone.

While the AMK5000 isn’t going to have GoPro quaking in their boots about losing top end enthusiasts to the competition, it’s a great little camera with some really solid features, and definitely worth a look if you don’t want to commit to more expensive options.

Check it out here:


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