Mountain Biking Banned At BDS For 2016

Strictly in jest but funny as hell!!!!!

Head Jar

Mountain Biking Will be banned at next years British Downhill Series, it has been announced. Event organizer Si Putin released the following statement.

‘Having banned chainsaws, tear offs, Gopro’s, fun and any real incentive to pay a huge amount of money to attend our races we have decided to ban mountain biking for the 2016 season. You may think this it now renders the whole event pointless, but you’d be wrong. I’m still going to make some sweet dosh, and its going to give me the company I so desperately crave at the weekends.’

We caught up with customers at the Glentress Peel center to see what they made of the decision. ‘I think it’s a great idea!’ Said Tarquin, 43 from Edinburgh ‘I mean Downhill isn’t really mountain biking anyway because you don’t even ride to the top. I mean how are you suppose to discuss the fine details of…

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